2016 Dodge Challenger | CarGurus Test Drive Review From Mayville 48744 MI

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New DODGE Challenger With Dodge Challenger Cargurus – 2016 Dodge Challenger | CarGurus Test Drive Review Near Magnolia Springs 75957 TX.

When manufacturers first started slinging retro-remakes of America’s most iconic muscle cars, it was the Challenger that most solidly hit the target. Fast-forward to 8 years later, and it’s still the most authentic of the breed and has now far eclipsed the run of the original, if not the influence. For 2016, the Challenger returns from its best-selling year with some new trim and wheel options, plus a new shaker hood that speaks to its roots.

The Challenger is the only option in its class that can truly be called a muscle car, and since last year’s update it also sports the highest level of refinement inside among the competitors. Materials, design, and fit all surpass the Mustang and the Camaro by the proverbial quarter mile, and the Challenger is the only one of the three that offers a usable rear seat and a reasonable trunk. It’s got 16.2 cubic feet there, versus the Mustang’s 13.5 and the Camaro’s comparably shameful 9.1. Want to take a trip and bring three friends? This is the ridiculously overpowered coupe to do it in.

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2016 Dodge Challenger | CarGurus Test Drive Review 2021

2016 Dodge Challenger | CarGurus Test Drive Review, Latest DODGE Challenger Local Dodge Challenger Cargurus.

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