How to install Mud Flaps on a Dodge Challenger at Mancelona 49659 MI

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How to Install Mud Flaps on a Dodge Challenger

This Customer bought a brand new Dodge Challenger and didn’t want rock flying up along the side of his car, so he asked me if I could install mud flaps on his 2020 Dodge Challenger.

There is some universal mud flaps out there, but these vehicle specific mud flaps for the Dodge Challenger look a lot cleaner than some universal could look.

If you want the same mud flaps, you can check them out here:
mud flaps –
They are compatible for all Dodge Challenger models from 2015 to present (2020).

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How to install Mud Flaps on a Dodge Challenger 2021

How to install Mud Flaps on a Dodge Challenger, New DODGE Challenger or Dodge Challenger Mud Flaps.

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