How to properly jack and change the oil – Hellcat For Lawrence 66049 KS

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More About DODGE Challenger or Dodge Challenger Jack Points – How to properly jack and change the oil – Hellcat For Lawrence 66049 KS.

I put a lot of detail into this one, including Torque Specifications for the drain plugs, how tight to make the oil filter and as usual a full breakdown of the process to change the oil in your hellcat. This will work for the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Widebody as well as the Charger Hellcat.

Table of Contents
1:02 Tools used
3:18 about the Fumoto Valve
4:02 Oil and filter choice
6:30 Wheel Chock placement
7:16 Jacking up the car
8:02 Jack Stand Placement
9:03 Opening the oil fill cap
9:18 Maintenance pan removal
10:04 Front maintenance cover removal
11:52 showing the drain areas
12:48 Oil Drain plug removal
13:18 Installing Fumoto Valve
14:27 Oil Filter removal
15:31 Filling the Oil filter
16:24 Installing the Oil Filter
17:50 Oil Cooler Drain plug removal and drain
18:49 Oil cooer Drain Plug install
20:21 Empty Billet Technology Catch can
21:05 Add Oil
21:48 Checking Oil pressure and for leaks
22:50 Maintenance cover install
24:32 Check Oil levels
25:45 Resetting Oil Life

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How to properly jack and change the oil - Hellcat 2019

How to properly jack and change the oil – Hellcat, More About DODGE Challenger or Dodge Challenger Jack Points.

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