This Is How You Drive a Manual Hellcat! From Luna 87824 NM

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News about DODGE Challenger With Dodge Challenger Manual Transmission – This Is How You Drive a Manual Hellcat! From Long Beach 39560 MS.

Today I come at you with a video that I was able to shoot with my good friend, Terrance. He’s dropping a few gems on the subject of driving a manual Hellcat. I think it’s a must see for anybody who hasn’t much experience with driving a manual car in general. Especially a manual muscle car.

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Thanks to the Aquarius Queen for some of the video seen in this video.

Thanks as usual to Shocka252 on the beats used.

Oh yeah, also shout out to JaysJct for riding along as well.

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This Is How You Drive a Manual Hellcat! 2019

This Is How You Drive a Manual Hellcat!, Latest DODGE Challenger 2017 Dodge Challenger Manual Transmission.

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