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For 1968, the Dodge Charger was completely redesigned, losing its previous fastback appearance. The new Charger took on the now-classic Coke-bottle styling, and models like the R/T were the Mopar choice for those who wanted to go fast.

The 1968 Charger could be had with a slant-six engine all the way up to the four-hundred and forty cubic inch V8, with four other options in between. Production totaled at ninety-six thousand, one hundred Chargers, of which seventy-five percent left the factory with a vinyl top.

The 1968 Charger R/T seen here is equipped with the desirable four-hundred twenty-six cubic inch Hemi V8 producing four-hundred twenty-five horsepower. The Hemi puts the power to the wheels by way of a four-speed manual transmission. That makes this Charger one of just 211 built with the Hemi/four-speed combination.

Vehicle courtesy of Wellborn Musclecar Museum

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