Dodge Charger R/T Straight Pipes For 77417 Beasley TX

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Latest Dodge ChargerDodge Charger R/T Straight Pipes – 77417 Beasley TX.

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This video shows us cutting off the muffler of the 2007 Dodge Charger Daytona RT. The Thrush Glass packs were just too quiet and we did not like the low decibel levels.

This car is now for sale at check it out we have financing options available and the highest trade in values around!

The next Charger i am going to buy is a 207 Super Bee and i will be posting tons of videos on that car.

We also will be purchasing a 2012 Dodge Challenger and doing some mild upgrades and tasteful mods.

Let me know how i can improve my videos and what you would like to see us do.

Dodge Charger R/T Straight Pipes 2018

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