Fast and Furious Dom’s Dodge Charger RT RC Car and Hobb’s MXT Remote Control Car Fun Offroad Within Zip 93308 Bakersfield CA

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Latest Dodge Charger – Fast and Furious Dom’s Dodge Charger RT RC Car and Hobb’s MXT Remote Control Car Fun Offroad – 93308 Bakersfield CA.

Fast and Furious RC Car Hobb’s MXT and Dom’s Dodge Charger RT RC Car by Jada RC / Remote Control Car Fun Offroad

Buy your own RC Car:
Dom’s Dodge Charger RT:
Hobb’s MXT: Currently not available on Amazon for a fair price
Ice Charger:

Bryan watches the Fast and Furious RC Cars by Jada RC go offroad and have a battle. These remote control cars go over 150 mph at scale speed.

They are a load of fun offroad and on pavement. You can use up to 16 of these at the same time! There are 3 models available. Dom’s Dodge Charger RT (Black), Hobb’s MXT (Truck) and the Ice Charger (Gray, not in video).

Watch our unboxing of Dom’s Dodge Charger RT:

The car comes ready to use right out of the box, all batteries needed, fully charged, very easy to open packaging.

Not recommended for indoors due to their powerful speed. They are great fun for everyone and they can go offroad with no trouble.

They are very well built, lots of realistic details, and durable body. The controller has a working throttle, meaning the further you press it, the faster it will go so that you can control the speed as you wish. They also have a wheelie bar so that you can do wheelies without flipping over.

They make a great gift, we highly recommend them. You can use up to 16 of these at the same time. Once you turn on the car, the first controller it detects will pair to it and the lights of the car will turn on. It is a 1:12 Scale 2.4GHz Radio Control Offroad Car.

The body of the car is attached with 4 plastic clips (4 extra are included) so you can remove the body to swap it for another, access the interior, or decorate the body easily while off the car. You can even remove the spoiler if you aren’t a fan of it.

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Featured in video: Jada RC Fast and Furious Remote Control Dom’s Dodge Charger RT
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Fast and Furious Dom's Dodge Charger RT RC Car and Hobb's MXT Remote Control Car Fun Offroad 2018

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