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Latest Dodge Charger – USB Car Chargers: 5 Fast Facts – 7711 Allenhurst NJ.

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Fact #1. USB car chargers have a USB port on one end, and plug into a cigarette lighter on the other end. The standard American vehicle’s cigarette lighter can send out 12 volts of power. This is more than enough to rapidly charge any personal electronic device.

Fact #2. Most individuals travel with several devices in their car at once, from smartphones to e-readers. It’s common to rely on a GPS app to receive proper driving directions. As such, one can be completely lost if their cellphone dies. Stopping at a business and asking for directions is not an option when on a remote road. Having the option to charge a phone through a car could save you from a dire situation.

Fact #3. These devices can be extremely useful when a person is stuck in traffic. There’s also the possibility of being the passenger on a long car trip with no way to pass the time. By plugging an e-reader into a charger, one can have instant entertainment. Photographers who need to capture images while traveling can’t afford to have a dead camera on a road trip. Most digital cameras are USB compatible, so photographers can use their vehicle’s power to keep their camera on at all times.

Fact #4. Some USB car chargers tell the driver information about the car, like the charge in its battery, or the ambient temperature inside, which can be useful. People with children may appreciate a model with a protective cap. This will prevent damage if somebody spills a beverage in the car.

Fact #5. A car battery can deliver more than enough power to charge several devices at once. It’s one of the strongest USB hosts one can find. To make use of this unique resource, you should buy a unit with multiple USB ports. You could conceivably charge a smartphone, e-reader and camera all at once, and at a rapid speed.

USB Car Chargers: 5 Fast Facts 2018

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