ZF Conductor Plate Replacement – Dodge Charger Within Zip 32618 Archer FL

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Latest Dodge Charger – ZF Conductor Plate Replacement – Dodge Charger – 32618 Archer FL.

This video goes over how to replace the Conductor Plate on a Dodge Charger with a ZF transmission.

Level: Expert
Approximate Time: 2.5 Hours
Tools needed: T30 TORX Socket, flathead screw driver, 7mm 3/8 deep socket, 3/8 extension, 3/8 ratchet
Additional parts: Transmission fluid drain bucket

Vehicle used: 2011 Dodge Charger

Installation notes: Keep solenoids together and reinstall in their original position

Motorist: If this job is beyond your skill level, visit your automotive service professional.This video is for general information purposes only. The provider makes no representations or warranties as to the information contained in this video or its usage, completeness, quality or accuracy. Any use of such information is at the user’s sole risk, and in no event shall the provider be liable for any consequential, incidental, special, punitive or direct or indirect damages arising from such use.

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ZF Conductor Plate Replacement - Dodge Charger 2019

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