Dodge Viper Book in Woodburn Dragstrip, Woodburn, Oregon 2018

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Dodge Viper Book Near, Woodburn Dragstrip, Woodburn, Oregon.

Dodge Viper Book The 2016 Dodge Viper ACR in Forza is just a great car. This Viper is a High Tier car in my book but, it just lacks what its predecessors have as Leader-Board cars (2008 and the SRT 2013). The 2016 Viper has everything you need in a S Class car, awesome Handling and Braking to make late moves in the corner, and just the right amount of acceleration to keep the pressure on your opponents. Over all do not sleep on the 2016 Viper it might not be like its older brothers but , is a extremely fun car to drive.

I have 1 tune available for download under J Runer1 , Name S Class

Want to get into Tuning?

Dodge Viper Book, Woodburn Dragstrip, Woodburn, Oregon

Viper Vs Viper, Dodge Viper Book From, Woodburn Dragstrip, Woodburn, Oregon 2018.

Find About DODGE Viper Local Dodge Viper Book – Viper Vs Viper at Perris Auto Speedway, Perris, California.

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