Dodge Viper Ending in Texas Motorplex, Ennis, Texas 2021

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Dodge Viper Ending at, Thunder Road International SpeedBowl, Barre, Vermont.

Dodge Viper Ending Thanks to all the owners for lending us their cars:
– Gen 1:
– Gen 2:
– Gen 3:
– Gen 4:
– Gen 5:

Mat’s got his hands on EVERY generation of the all-American sports car – the Viper!

From the 1992 1st generation through to the 2013 5th generation, Mat’s going to put each of these RWD supercars through their paces. He’ll start by asking each owner why they chose their car, after which he’ll launch them from 0-60mph and take them for a drive!

They’re all powered by naturally aspirated V10s, and as expected the performance and power increase slightly with each generation. So here’s how they compare:

Gen 1: 8-litre NA V10: 406hp & 626Nm
Gen 2: 8-litre NA V10: 460hp & 660Nm
Gen 3: 8.3-litre NA V10: 505hp & 710Nm
Gen 4: 8.4-litre NA V10: 610hp & 760Nm
Gen 5: 8.4-litre NA V10: 650hp & 810Nm

So which will come out on top. Will he choose the classic gen 1? The all-new gen 5? There’s only one way to find out… Stick with Mat for this all-new supercar comparison!

00:00 Intro
00:31 Sound Test
01:30 1st Generation
07:39 2nd Generation
12:54 3rd Generation
19:34 4th Generation
26:54 5th Generation
32:32 Verdict

Dodge Viper Ending, Huntsville Speedway, Huntsville, Alabama

Every Dodge Viper tested 0-60mph!, Dodge Viper Ending From, Corpus Christi Speedway, Corpus Christi, Texas 2021.

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