Dodge Viper Info in Illiana Motor Speedway, Schererville, Indiana 2021

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Dodge Viper Info Near, Gateway International Raceway, Madison, Illinois.

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It was a car built by a team of dedicated madmen,
Whose blood had long since been replaced by gasoline.
Hillbillies and bush mechanics,
moonshiners working without oversight on a singular goal:

Revive the spirit of AMERICA.

Legends who would go on to become Redneck Rockstars.

This is the story of rebels,
Of criminals and corporate suits,
Who came together to save America.

And build the Dodge Viper.

This is THE SQUIDD, a channel devoted to telling boring stories BOLDLY. Automotive icons, car company calamities, supercar legends and underdog heroes. All told through the lens of The Squidd, automotive content creator famous for being a dude with bad hair.

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Dodge Viper Info, Sayre Speedway, Sayre, Alabama

How America Built a Deadly Supercar, Dodge Viper Info Near, South Georgia Motorsports Park, Valdosta, Georgia 2021.

Explore About DODGE Viper or Dodge Viper Info – How America Built a Deadly Supercar in Dixie Speedway, Birmingham, Alabama.

More to Come About Dodge Viper Info From Shady Bowl Speedway, De Graff, Ohio, Latest Relevant Products For Dodge Viper Pickup or Dodge Viper Info, Please Keep Visiting Community Website.

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