Dodge Viper Rear End Near Oxford Plains Speedway, Oxford, Maine 2018

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Dodge Viper Rear End at, Oxford Plains Speedway, Oxford, Maine.

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In today’s video, I’m continuing the extensive process of rebuilding the rear end in my 240SX! I’ll be creating a series out of this that will be broken up into four main parts. Part 1 (link below) focused on disassembly and subframe refurbishment. I decided to split Part 2 into two separate videos. Together, they focus on the differential. Along with installing a helical LSD, I’m also rebuilding the case with new hardware, oil seals, bearings etc. The second installment of the LSD swap will come toward the end of this month. After that, Part 3 will focus on installing high-end adjustable control arms and replacing worn out bushings. Part 4 will focus on installing custom axles and rebuilding the sway bar. As you can see, there’s a TON that needs to be done! I look forward to sharing all of this with you all as we continue the journey of resto-modding this car. Enjoy!

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Basic Introduction on Helical, Torsen, Viscous, Mechanical Limited Slip Differentials (LSD):

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Dodge Viper Rear End, Oxford Plains Speedway, Oxford, Maine

240SX Rear End Rebuild Part 2: Installing A Limited Slip Differential (Complete Overhaul 1 of 2), Dodge Viper Rear End in, Oxford Plains Speedway, Oxford, Maine 2018.

Know More About DODGE Viper 2017 Dodge Viper Rear End – 240SX Rear End Rebuild Part 2: Installing A Limited Slip Differential (Complete Overhaul 1 of 2) in Maryland International Raceway, Budds Creek, Maryland.

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