Dodge Viper Under 10k Near Colorado National Speedway, Dacono, Colorado 2018

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Dodge Viper Under 10k in, Colorado National Speedway, Dacono, Colorado.

Dodge Viper Under 10k Fast Cheap Cars on a Seriously Tight Budget! Also get chicks as well with a Former Police Car Crown Victoria…or something like that. Anyone whose read my previous descriptions already knows what’s going on here. BECAUSE ALGORITHMS. Remember when I used to put ciphers in my description that documented a series of experiences that led up to how my life is at the point it is now, and why my channel is called Bladed Angel? Of course no one does. I only had 63 subscribers back when I did that, and removed those since. I’m sure through some WayBackMachine magic, you could probably still go back and access those video descriptions before they were altered. You’d still have to figure out how to decipher them though. Maybe a certain unlisted videos playlist might help with that? Who cares though. People just want to watch videos about cars, which is great, as I love cars too! However, I love many other things too, and It’s a shame that I couldn’t be more personality driven instead of content driven though. Maybe I’ll start another channel and be a c*nt elsewhere, so I can finally harness my inner asshole and talk about whatever, whenever. You’ll be hearing this voice somewhere else…sometime soon. Until than, I’ll just be driving about, as something about just driving calms me down. Hmm, Just Driving, huh? Just Drive Indeed.

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Outro Song – Island City – Rusty Hearts Soundtrack D-5 Ending

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Crown Victoria:
Mitsubishi Eclipse:
Toyota MR2:
Pontiac Fiero:
Mazdaspeed 3:
Porsche 944:

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Dodge Viper Under 10k, Colorado National Speedway, Dacono, Colorado

6 Fun Cars On A Cheap Budget!, Dodge Viper Under 10k Near, Colorado National Speedway, Dacono, Colorado 2018.

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