Dodge Viper Upgrades Near Harris Speedway, Harris, North Carolina 2018

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Dodge Viper Upgrades Near, Harris Speedway, Harris, North Carolina.

Dodge Viper Upgrades In this video we show how to install and upgrade the rear facing lights on a Dodge Viper from Halogen to LED. This DIY video will show step by step how to remove the tail lights from a 1996-2002 Dodge Viper so that you can replace or upgrade any of the bulbs. The LED lights are a massive improvement over stock giving better visibility and light output than stock halogen bulbs as well as adding a nice crisp lighting look to the vehicle to modernize it.

JDM ASTAR LED bulbs can be found at:

Dodge Viper Upgrades, Harris Speedway, Harris, North Carolina

LED UPGRADE on a DODGE VIPER, Dodge Viper Upgrades in, Harris Speedway, Harris, North Carolina 2018.

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