Dodge Viper Upside Down Near All American Speedway, Roseville, California 2018

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Dodge Viper Upside Down Near, All American Speedway, Roseville, California.

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As Darius Ellis waited at his front door, his heart was in his mouth. There he was, suited, booted and ready for prom, but he was still waiting on a ride. So when a cop pulled up outside the house, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Darius Ellis comes from Lakeland, Florida. In early 2017 he was just a regular teen who attended Lakeland Senior High School and was in his senior year. And for him and his peers that meant only one thing was on their minds: prom.
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During his time at school, Ellis had struck up an unlikely relationship with a local cop, Dagon Leach, who worked as a School Resource Officer on his campus. Most mornings, you could find the pair chatting away in the corridor.

Their topic of conversation was usually the same too. Both of them, it transpired, had a love of fast cars. And Ellis soon learned that Leach was the owner of a so-called “supercar” – something the student aspired to have when he was older.


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Image: ABC Action News
Image: Facebook/Darius Ellis
Image: Facebook/Dagon Leach



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Dodge Viper Upside Down, All American Speedway, Roseville, California

When This Teen Couldn’t Go To Prom, A Cop Buddy Spoke To His Mom To Fix A Heart racing Surprise, Dodge Viper Upside Down From, All American Speedway, Roseville, California 2018.

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