Dodge Caliber Alternator at Castell 76831 TX USA

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Read More About DODGE Caliber or Dodge Caliber Alternator – Jeep Compass (Dodge Caliber) Alternator Replacement at Castell 76831 TX.

Dodge Caliber Alternator 2009 Jeep Compass, Dodge Caliber, Journey and maybe others. The Compass came out in 2007 and so this video will apply for several years.

The alternator is squished into a small space below the power steering and above the AC compressor. So it looks like an impossible job and the shops will want close to a thousand dollars including all the parts and maybe even an AC recharge.

It is not actually that bad of a job as long as you can get the vehicle safely up in the air a bit so you can get under it while you work. Thankfully mine was not oily and dirty so it made work a pleasure.

The most common socket is 13 mm. Also need 15mm, 16mm, 7mm, ratchets and wrenches.

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Dodge Caliber Alternator, 2018 DODGE Caliber Castell 76831 TX

Jeep Compass (Dodge Caliber) Alternator Replacement, Dodge Caliber Alternator at, Castell 76831 TX.

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