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Explore About DODGE Caliber & Dodge Caliber Ball Joint – 2014 Honda Odyssey – Replacing CV Axle shaft (Passenger Side) Near Houston 77212 TX.

Dodge Caliber Ball Joint
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Just a quick video showing how to replace the Passenger side Axle Shaft on a 2014 Honda Odyssey. Sorry the lighting isn’t great on some of the video, showing the intermediate shaft and carrier bearing bracket removal, but hopefully you get the idea. I also made a video of the Driver’s side:

Special thanks to Kristian for the use of his garage and for lending a hand.
Tools needed:
36mm socket and breaker bar
small flathead screwdriver
diagonal pliers or similar
pry bar
new cotter pin for tie rod end
17mm socket and/or wrench
19mm wrench for ball joint nut
14mm wrench and socket with several extensions
Torque specs I found online say 181 ft. lbs for the axle nut, (do not use an impact gun), and 29 ft. lbs for the two bolts that hold the carrier bearing bracket. The tie rod end nut says 40 ft. lbs.
The ball joint nut says 43 ft. lbs, and then, if necessary, you can turn it just enough to line up the holes with the special locking pin.
I didn’t show it in this video, but you will also need to top off the transmission based on the amount of fluid that drains out. Between both sides, we lost just over a quart of fluid and so that’s the amount we put back in the transmission.

**If you live in an area with a lot of rust, you will probably want to spray some penetrating oil or PB blaster on everything ahead of time…just not on your brake rotors or brake pads.

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-Dan the Fix it Man

Dodge Caliber Ball Joint, 2019 DODGE Caliber Houston 77212 TX

2014 Honda Odyssey – Replacing CV Axle shaft (Passenger Side), Dodge Caliber Ball Joint Near, Houston 77212 TX.

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