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Explore About DODGE Caliber or Dodge Caliber Door Hinge – How To Take Off Car Door And Remove Hinges On A Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep in Justin 76247 TX.

Dodge Caliber Door Hinge Easily remove & reinstall a car door on a Chrysler 300 & 200, Dodge Charger, Dodge Magnum, Dodge Journey, & others including its spring hinges. Click on SHOW MORE for a step by step guide with all tools and parts needed. Please SUBSCRIBE & 👍 if this helps. #FixCarYourself

This video was made to show others how the mechanics of a car door and specifically correct the bad upper and lower door hinges clunk or popping sound which plague many Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles as this is a TSB.

In fact, you can watch this quick video of fixing that annoying sound which involves only using some lithium grease here:


To see how to remove the rear door, you can check that video out here:

🧰 Tools needed:

Ratchet wrench 🔧

13 mm socket deep

13 mm socket short

Breaker Bar


Flat tip screwdriver

Small pry bar

T50 bit

Torque wrench

Lifting or holding device such as a floor jack, jack stand, wheelbarrow, or blocks of concrete or wood


Click below to see the door HINGE Part #’s. Make sure the hinge you get is compatible with your vehicle:



Step 1:

Open the door and place an object underneath the door to support it weight.

⚠️ VERY IMPORTANT: The door may look light but it is quite heavy and weighs over a 100 pounds, so make sure you have a suitable tool like a jack stand, flat bed cart, or wheelbarrow to support the door when separated AND when installing back onto the vehicle!

Step 2:

🖊️ Trace both the top and bottom hinge with a marker so you precisely line up each hinge exactly the way it was before removing and after you put it back on.

Step 3:

Disengage the wire harness which connects to the door. It is located inside the car to the side of the A-Pillar or frame of the car behind a rubber boot. You may have to use a pry bar or flat tip screwdriver to wiggle it out.

Once it is removed slightly, then push on the connector to fully release or unhook the connection piece from the car and so it is no longer connected.

Step 4:

You will see 👀 4 screw nuts that connect the hinge to the door. On the top of the hinge is a long stem or stud and the bottom hinge has a long stem as well. Remember the placement of these stems.

ℹ️ These studs help support the weight of the car door.

Use a 13 mm short socket and ratchet wrench 🔧 on each of the 4 hinge nuts and remove.

You should feel the door falling onto the weight of the holding device which is good.

Step 5:

Carefully remove & pick up the door & move it to the right (passenger side) or left (driver side) off of the long stem which secures/holds the door to the car.


Step 6:

ℹ️ Make sure the hinges are nicely traced 🖊️!

2 screw bolts on the top and 2 on the bottom need to be removed. In order to take off with ease, start by using a breaker bar to loosen them. Then use a regular ratchet 🔧 with an extension and a deep 13 mm socket.

ℹ️ You might need to use a short 13 mm socket for some of the screws depending on how much room you have to work with. In addition you may have to angle each hinge to get better access to place your wrench on the bolts for removal.


Step 7:

Place each hinge on its traced 🖊️ line. Then screw each bolt in a little at a time using a 13 mm socket and ratchet. Torque all 4 bolts to 21 ft. LBS

Make sure each spring hinge feels tight, and then position it so the door stems line up into the holes of the hinges.


Step 8:

Place the door on a holding device and then lift it up and push the stems of the door through the holes of the hinges.

Step 9:

While a helper pushes the door towards the frame of the car. Screw on each of the 4 nuts to secure the door.

Step 10:

Go back and forth between tightening the nuts. Finally retighten each nut and torque 🔧 to 21 foot pounds.

Step 11:

Remove the holding object and make sure the door is on tight. Test it by opening and closing it.

Step 12:

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Dodge Caliber Door Hinge, 2021 DODGE Caliber Beaumont 77703 TX

How To Take Off Car Door And Remove Hinges On A Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge Caliber Door Hinge at, Helotes 78023 TX.

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