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Explore About DODGE Caliber Local Dodge Caliber Engine – 59011 – 2008 DODGE CALIBER SRT4 2.4L FRONT WHEEL DRIVE MANUAL HATCH Near Houston 77217 TX.

Dodge Caliber Engine This 2008 DODGE CALIBER SRT4 2.4L FRONT WHEEL DRIVE MANUAL HATCH will keep you on the lookout for police when you are topping 100 MPH. Unfortunately, this speedster does not come with speeding ticket forgiveness coverage. If you are looking for a tough long lasting vehicle, this SRT4 is a great option for you. The vehicle sips fuel. This 2008 Dodge Caliber will stick to the ground on the sharpest of turns. With exceptional handling, you will enjoy every curve of your favorite roads. This small car has quick acceleration. With these performance numbers, you won’t be disappointed when you take it for a test drive. Gears one through three of this unit will impress. So will the 0-60 time. Enjoy your driving more! This is one of the most exciting vehicles to drive in its class. With having reputation for being one of the most dependable vehicles on the road, this 2008 Dodge Caliber won’t let you down. When it comes to any auto purchase, there is nothing more important than safety. this unit will protect you and your passengers with innovative safety features. This vehicle is as tough as they come. This small car is an all-around vehicle, well equipped for anything. Whether it is work or play this is a very functional vehicle that will meet all your requirements. This unit is designed to handle any icy road condition that Mother Nature can throw at you. Your passengers will feel safe with stable braking and handling on all road conditions. This unit has a 2.4 liter 4 Cylinder Engine high output engine. This vehicle comes with a manual transmission. This Dodge Caliber is front wheel drive. This Dodge Caliber is equipped with a gasoline engine. Anti-lock brakes will help you stop in an emergency. The Caliber has adjustable pedals that are luxurious and safety conscious. Icebox AC keeps the Caliber cool all summer long. This Dodge Caliber is accented with premium quality alloy wheels. The Caliber has an aux input for mp3 players. This unit features cruise control for long trips. Electronic Stability Control is one of many advanced safety features on this small car. This model has fog lights for all weather conditions. This small car is equipped with front airbags. This model is equipped with front side curtain airbags. Quickly unlock it with keyless entry. The leather seats are soft and supportive on this model. Enjoy the convenience of the power liftgate on this vehicle. It has convenient power windows. It looks aggressive with a streamlined rear spoiler. This Dodge Caliber features a tilt steering wheel. The supply is limited! If you are serious about this vehicle, we recommend you move fast.

Dodge Caliber Engine, 2021 DODGE Caliber Houston 77217 TX

59011 – 2008 DODGE CALIBER SRT4 2.4L FRONT WHEEL DRIVE MANUAL HATCH, Dodge Caliber Engine Near, Houston 77217 TX.

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