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Read More About DODGE Caliber or Dodge Caliber Key Fob – Infiniti G37S won’t start AMBER key light help! From Ivanhoe 75447 TX.

Dodge Caliber Key Fob I’ve been struggling with this for a while now. My 2008 g37s will not start. I brought it to a Nissan dealership and they said that it passed a diagnostic, and that my car was good to pick up. I drove it all the way home without it giving me any issues even stalling it a couple times in traffic and it started right back up. Once I let it sit at my place for a couple hours and wanted to get food later that night I went to go start it up. It will cycle to on but will not start. The yellow/amber key light on my dash just stays illumnated and the car won’t crank when I push in the clutch all the way and try to turn over the engine nothing happens, no click or clicking noises. Things I have done already

-new optima redtop battery

-new positive battery lead fuse assembly

-checked the steering lock on the column it is actuating and unlocking properly( I can hear it when I shut the door after the car is turned all the way off and I can feel it unlock when car is switched to on.)

-unplugged battery and plugged back in

-keyfob has brand new battery and is linked to car. (Car recognizes it for unlocking doors and if I place key outside while car is switched to on it noticed it is missing and says no key.)

Dodge Caliber Key Fob, 2018 DODGE Caliber Ivanhoe 75447 TX

Infiniti G37S won’t start AMBER key light help!, Dodge Caliber Key Fob From, Ivanhoe 75447 TX.

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