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Find About DODGE Caliber & Dodge Caliber Key – How to program remote control key for Dodge caliber 2007-2012 From Gunter 75058 TX.

Dodge Caliber Key You must have 2 program keys for this to work. When I bought this car off of someone they had a already gotten a copy of the original key so I was set. All I needed was a new key and simple steps to follow.
1st insert your first program key for 5 seconds but don’t start the car. then remove it.
2nd within 5 seconds insert second program key turn on car don’t start, a red dotted light should flash on. Leave key on for about 10 seconds then remove. The red dotted light should indicate that a new key is ready to be program.
3rd finally insert new key to on not start and the red dotted light should flash. Leave the key inserted until the red light goes away and you hear a chime which indicates that the key has been programed.
Let me know if this works out. This only works with 2 program keys and this process works only with the control key I used as my new key.

Dodge Caliber Key, 2019 DODGE Caliber Gunter 75058 TX

How to program remote control key for Dodge caliber 2007-2012, Dodge Caliber Key From, Gunter 75058 TX.

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