Dodge Caliber Knocking Noise at Hughes Springs 75656 TX USA

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Find About DODGE Caliber 2021 Dodge Caliber Knocking Noise – Trouble Shooting Loud Grinding, Knocking, Metallic Noise Dodge Caliber at Chriesman 77838 TX.

Dodge Caliber Knocking Noise USA Link for DECOUPLER
Canadian link for Decoupler

This video is for those who suffer engine noise from a Dodge avenger or dodge caliber that has a decoupler on the Alternator. This will also apply on any other vehicle that has a Decoupler on the alternator. What happens is the decoupler is like a clutch it spins freely one way and the other way it’s locked. When the bearings start to fail which they normally do it starts to make a metallic sounds or like marbles in a dryer type sound. it maybe hard to trouble shoot as when you go to inspect the alternator still may spin freely. The only way to tell is to remove the Alternator and test the decoupler and see if it’s good or bad.
knocking sound
loud grinding

Dodge Caliber Knocking Noise, 2021 DODGE Caliber Covington 76636 TX

Trouble Shooting Loud Grinding, Knocking, Metallic Noise Dodge Caliber, Dodge Caliber Knocking Noise Near, Flower Mound 75028 TX.

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