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Dodge Caliber No Start As a Caliber owner, the electric window switch on the car looks like it might be illuminated inside it (note that the leading side of the main switch unit 4 is lit but with very weak green light). On the other switches, see that there is a transparent plastic inside it and click on the black plastic.
I went to the topic and found some dodge and jeep forum posts (followed by a youtube video) on the internet. You can change the Caliber window switches so that they can be illuminated.
Similar window switches can be used in many other Mopar group cars, for example. (Jeep Patriot, Compass, Dodge Avenger, Chrysler 300C, etc.), so it’s likely that their switches can be converted in the same way.
My video shows how to get the inside of the door panel, how to remove the switch, then disconnect the switch and install the lighting by soldering, and what kind of auxiliary materials, components are needed.

ATTENTION!! Although the work is moderate to the level of difficulty, but in the absence of good practice, nobody is at home! For work, there is a need for car seat disassembly and electronic soldering routines!
If you do not have the proper experience, ask a specialist (eg, a specialist in the automotive electrical)

Additional source material, read on the subject:

More youtube videos about disassembling the door panel, building switch lighting:

Necessary parts for work:
Screwdriver set (small, large, flat head, torx ..)
Soldering Stations
3mm diameter LED (I used cyan (aqua blue, greenish blue); there are many colors in the shop, green, yellow, red, blue, orange, purple, pink, white, etc.)
1.5 KΩ resistance (1500 Ohms)
Thin wire (eg UTP cable)

Or you can get pre-wired, pre-installed for 12 Volt LEDs from ebay

Dodge Caliber No Start, 2018 DODGE Caliber Austin 78703 TX

Dodge Caliber illuminated window switch making, Dodge Caliber No Start Near, Austin 78703 TX.

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