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Know More About DODGE Caliber Local Dodge Caliber Noise – Myvi Front Caliper Slider Pins Noise Solution in Marlin 76661 TX.

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The “Kok-Kok” noisy sound is a very common problem that happens in most of the cars. This happens because the caliper screw holes in the front wheel brake system were worn out and become bigger. This causes the caliper pins vibrate heavily and hence produce the noisy sound.

The solution to this problem is to take out the 4pcs original caliper pins (2pcs on right wheel & 2pcs on left wheel) and replace with 4 new caliper pins that come with silicone bushes. These silicone bushes are designed to refit the caliper screw holes that were worn out and become bigger. After replacing the caliper pins, the caliper pins vibration level will be minimized and the “Kok-Kok” noisy sound will also disappear.

In this case, Caliper Pin Comes With Silicone Bush is designed to get rid of the annoying “Kok-Kok” noisy sound by repairing the worn out caliper screw hole by using the silicone bushes. The pin is made of high tensile steel which is very hard and rigid. These caliper pins are machined by using CNC machine which is capable of machining the pins very precisely to meet the required dimensions. Besides, they are also chromed nicely to prevent the rusty problem. On top of that, the silicone bushes are capable of resisting high heat that will ensure the caliper pins last longer than the caliper pins that come with O-Ring.

Dodge Caliber Noise, 2018 DODGE Caliber Marlin 76661 TX

Myvi Front Caliper Slider Pins Noise Solution, Dodge Caliber Noise in, Marlin 76661 TX.

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