Dodge Caliber O2 Sensor in Abilene 79608 TX USA

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Find About DODGE Caliber With Dodge Caliber O2 Sensor – Jeep (JK) Compass/Patriot (MK) No start, no crank, RKE in Abilene 79608 TX.

Dodge Caliber O2 Sensor For Wrangler (JK), Compass, and Patriot (MK) vehicles, Check Engine and other warning lights may be on with intermittent fob operation (RKE, No Start) with potential for DTC’s B1A29, B1A25, or U0168 Active or Stored. Current MK vehicles may exhibit No Start, no crank after multiple attempts to start.
An additional customer concern may be seen on Compass and Patriot vehicles only in which the vehicle goes into a SKIM OUT condition in which the vehicle will start and then shut off and after several restarts the vehicle will no longer crank or attempt to start (SKIM OUT – Vehicle will start and run for approximately 2 seconds and shut off. This can be repeated six (6) times and then it will no longer crank and start).

Dodge Caliber O2 Sensor, 2019 DODGE Caliber Abilene 79608 TX

Jeep (JK) Compass/Patriot (MK) No start, no crank, RKE, Dodge Caliber O2 Sensor in, Abilene 79608 TX.

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