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Find About DODGE Caliber Local Dodge Caliber Radio – Dodge Caliber – RADIO REMOVAL / REPLACEMENT (2007-2012) in Lubbock 79410 TX.

Dodge Caliber Radio Short video on how to replace / remove / change or upgrade factory radio unit on Dodge Caliber ( 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | SXT | SE | SRT4 ).

This video was recorded on car salvage, but it should still give you enough instructions for replacing the radio on Dodge Caliber.

First move the shifter to D or L. Than pop out plastic trim surrounding the shifter. Than pop out plastic trim surrounding the radio. Move it aside. Remove 4 phillips screws that are securing the radio in place. Pull out the radio and disconnect radio antenna and a plug on the back side of the radio. That’s it.

Make sure to get a radio code if your are changing the radio with other used radio from example from car wreckers or salvage. Radio code can be found on a small card that is usually in the glove box or in vehicle owner’s manual.
If you can’t find it, your new radio might be locked. In that case you will have to contact dodge dealership with donor vehicle serial number and radio serial number. They can give you a radio code based on this information.

If you will install aftemarket radio unit, make sure to get appropriate wiring harness and radio kit for Dodge Caliber.

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Dodge Caliber Radio, 2021 DODGE Caliber El Paso 79989 TX

Dodge Caliber – RADIO REMOVAL / REPLACEMENT (2007-2012), Dodge Caliber Radio in, El Paso 88511 TX.

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