Dodge Caliber Transmission Problems Near Lampasas 76550 TX USA

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Read More About DODGE Caliber Local Dodge Caliber Transmission Problems – Srt4 3 gear shift issue fix part 1 Near Lampasas 76550 TX.

Dodge Caliber Transmission Problems A common issue is the 3-4 shift fork weak, the first symptom shirp when engage 3, sometimes pup back, until corner break and 3 keep engage or not at all, many srt4 owner Know this issue, and they have to replace synchro, 3-4 fork, gear extender 1-3-5 gear and 2-4-reverse shift, but how much is the cost? Expensive, this is a great solution, just buy a metal plate, New trans oil, and a one or two day labor, take a look eBay and mopar fork that they sell, the same thing we made, put three bolt and for tight hard weld between 3 head boots
The second part for tolerance grind gear extender 1-3-5 1mm and 2-4-reverse 1mm in the center but leaving corner selector without grind, and bingo, we have the both extender shift without buying
Look each part of video for better explained
At the end you feel a smooth and soft transmission shifting, and enjoying a fast car with racing transmission

Dodge Caliber Transmission Problems, 2019 DODGE Caliber Lampasas 76550 TX

Srt4 3 gear shift issue fix part 1, Dodge Caliber Transmission Problems Near, Lampasas 76550 TX.

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