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Search About DODGE Caliber and Dodge Caliber Trim – 2007 Dodge Caliber Side Impact Crash Test [IIHS] at Universal City 78150 TX.

Dodge Caliber Trim Applies to 2007-12 models

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A side impact crash test was conducted on a 2007 Dodge Caliber on June 6, 2006. The
stationary test vehicle was struck on the driver side (perpendicular to its longitudinal axis) by a
1,500 kg moving barrier fitted with an IIHS side impact deformable element and traveling at
31.0 mi/h (49.9 km/h). At impact the left edge of the moving barrier’s deformable element was
aligned 68.2 cm behind the vehicle’s front axle. Two SID-IIs dummies were positioned in the
driver and left rear seating positions with their three-point lap/shoulder belts fastened.

During the crash, the fully inflated roof-mounted side curtain airbag contacted the driver
dummy’s head, and the door interior trim loaded the dummy’s torso, shoulder, and pelvis.
During rebound, the dummy’s head, neck, and torso moved inboard. During the crash, the rear
dummy’s head was loaded by the fully inflated roof-mounted side curtain airbag. The dummy’s
shoulder, pelvis, and torso were loaded by the intruding rear passenger door. The head then
rebounded inboard and contacted the left head restraint and seat back.

Postcrash measures of deformation indicated the most intruded portion of the B-pillar’s interior
side at the height of maximum intrusion was 14.3 cm outboard of the precrash longitudinal
centerline of the driver’s seat, and was 49.3 cm outboard of the longitudinal centerline of the

For the driver dummy, the maximum shoulder deflection was 63 mm. The maximum thoracic
rib viscous criterion was 1.76 m/s. The maximum abdominal rib deflection and viscous criterion
were 51 mm and 1.15 m/s, respectively. The average thoracic and abdominal rib deflection was
49 mm.

For the rear dummy, none of the injury measures exceeded published threshold values.

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2007 Dodge Caliber Side Impact Crash Test [IIHS], Dodge Caliber Trim at, Universal City 78150 TX.

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