2002 Dodge Stratus Alternator, Saint Paul 55118 MN

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2002 Dodge Stratus Alternator at Saint Paul 55118 MN.

2002 Dodge Stratus Alternator 99 plymouth breeze
2.0 engine
Code P0320
Condition NO START
Custmer had a mobile mechanic change fuel pump
Now states car cuts off while running
Scanned found code P0320 no crank signal from pcm
Checked wire harness found wires cramped together
While checking scanner we had no signal
Wiggles wires and found signal

Replace wire harness for crankshaft position sensor

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2002 Dodge Stratus Alternator

99 plymouth breeze no start p0320 2.0, 2002 Dodge Stratus Alternator, Saint Paul 55118 MN.

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