2006 Dodge Stratus Parts, Oak Island 28465 NC

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2006 Dodge Stratus Parts in Oak Island 28465 NC.

2006 Dodge Stratus Parts Part 1 in a series of vlogs following the repairs on my 2006 Dodge Straus SXT. This is the 2.4L, 4 cylinder, DOHC engine variety.
I am not a mechanic, and do not caim to be a mechanic. I started teaching myself car repairs about 3 years ago, with the assistance of mechanic friends, Google, and repair guides.
I am uploading this vlog because of the lack of videos available about this car. All videos I have found are specifically for the 2.7 litre variety, or they are not very clear or very detailed.
While this video may not be very detailed or very clear, it’s meant to be an over view of the two repairs I am performing at once: the alternator and the radiator are being replaced. These repairs are being done separately, as I have to wait for the parts to come in.
There may be an additional video on how to replace the stereo with a new model.
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The radiator was purchased from this link at Amazon: RADIATOR FOR CHRYSLER DODGE FITS SEBRING STRATUS 2.4 2.7 3.0 L4 V6 2323
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2006 Dodge Stratus Parts

2006 Dodge Stratus repairs vlog, PT. 1 – Alternator and radiator repair overview, 2006 Dodge Stratus Parts, Oak Island 28465 NC.

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