Dodge Stratus Diagnostic Codes at North Ferrisburg 5473 VT

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Dodge Stratus Diagnostic Codes at North Ferrisburg 5473 VT.

Dodge Stratus Diagnostic Codes A common issue with GM, VW and Audi vehicles are air injection flow codes like p0410, p0411, and p0412.
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If you check engine light is on with any of these engine codes then in this video I will show you one of the most common faults when it comes to air injection codes and how to check if your air pump is working. I have personally seen my fair share.

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Reggie Curtis The Flat Rate Mechanic. 25 year ASE Master Automotive Technician and Advanced level ASE certified. #FlatRateMechanic #DIYAutoRepair #P0411 Check out The Flat Rate Mechanics Tool Store on Amazon

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Dodge Stratus Diagnostic Codes

Code P0410 P0411 P0412 Secondary Air Injection “Test this First”, Dodge Stratus Diagnostic Codes at North Ferrisburg 5473 VT.

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