Dodge Stratus Front Bumper Replacement, Los Angeles 90066 CA

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Dodge Stratus Front Bumper Replacement at Los Angeles 90066 CA.

Dodge Stratus Front Bumper Replacement Applies to 2007-12 models

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A side impact crash test was conducted on a 2008 Mazda CX-7 on December 4, 2007. The
stationary test vehicle was struck on the driver side (perpendicular to its longitudinal axis) by a
1,500 kg moving barrier fitted with an IIHS side impact deformable element and traveling at
30.9 mi/h (49.8 km/h).

During the crash, the moving barrier’s deformable element was 0.3 cm above and 0.8 cm
rearward of the precrash impact target.

All doors remained closed during the crash. Postcrash investigation of the vehicle showed no
separation of the door latches from their strikers, and the B-pillar structure remained intact and
attached to the adjoining structure at the roof rail and door sill. Postcrash measures of
deformation indicated the most intruded portion of the B-pillar’s interior side was 10.5 cm
outboard of the precrash longitudinal centerline of the driver’s seat, and was 47.4 cm outboard of
the longitudinal centerline of the vehicle.

During the crash, the driver’s head rotated outboard and was contacted by both the seat-mounted
side thorax and roof-mounted side curtain airbags. The side thorax airbag also contacted the
dummy’s torso. On rebound, the rear of the dummy’s head contacted the driver head restraint.

During the crash, the rear dummy’s pelvis, torso, and shoulder were loaded by the intruding rear
passenger door. The dummy’s head rotated outboard and was loaded by the roof-mounted side
curtain airbag; the head then rebounded and contacted the center seat back.

For the driver and rear dummies, none of the recorded injury measures exceeded threshold

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Dodge Stratus Front Bumper Replacement

2008 Mazda CX-7 Side Impact Crash Test [IIHS], Dodge Stratus Front Bumper Replacement, Los Angeles 90066 CA.

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