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Dodge Stratus Fuel Pump in Washington 20042 DC.

Dodge Stratus Fuel Pump How to quickly bypass a faulty fuel pump relay in Dodge/Chrysler vehicles to keep you on the road until a permanent repair or replacement of the TIPM can be made.

***DISCLAIMER*** I am NOT a mechanic or electrician. I am a work at home/stay at home Mom of three who has researched this extensively since August 2017. Using this bypass technique isn’t a guarantee your vehicle will run properly again nor can I guarantee nothing bad will happen. This is solely *my* experience and quick fix.

Many Dodge vehicles from 2008-2013 have a faulty fuel pump relay. This can lead to symptoms such as no start, intermittent start, fuel pump constantly running and battery drainage. Chrysler did recall certain Durango and Jeep vehicles to fix this issue by installing an external relay, however many other models such as the Grand Caravan were also affected but never recalled. The external relay however is also prone to failure as this was a “band-aid” fix.

The fuel pump relay resides deep within the vehicles TIPM and unfortunately is not easy to replace. The options for repair as I understand are as follows:

1: Have the TIPM replaced with a new one – very expensive as TIPMs run about $900+ just for the part, labor can bring the price up to $1200 or more!

2: Replace the TIPM with a used one. Still a costly option at about $300-$400 for the part not including labor. Keep in mind though that with a used TIPM there is a risk of purchasing one that may eventually have the relay failure as well.

3: Install an external relay. I’m not sure how much a dealer or mechanic would charge but the repair kit itself runs about $40 if you’re savvy enough to do electrical work cutting and splicing wires back together.

4: Bypass the bad relay as shown in my video. Whereas this option is the cheapest and by far the easiest, I don’t recommend it long term. Eventually I will replace the TIPM in my vehicle, however my money tree is still a seedling so that won’t happen for a long time. Lol.

Back during the 1950s through the mid 1970s, Detroit car manufacturers produced numerous vehicles that were out and out “muscle” vehicles. These kinds of lorries shared the same attributes: they were two door coupes with souped up engines, responsive transmissions, an aggressive outside design, and a stylish interior. High fuel rates and altering tastes ultimately restricted sales to the point where just a few designs were produced beyond that amount of time. Today, muscle car mania is back, despite even higher gas rates. Thanks to the Ford Mustang and to a lesser extent to sedan and wagon designs from Dodge, there is brand-new interest in a classification long provided up. The future is intense for the muscle car section as one more producer, Chevrolet, considers bringing back one of its darlings of the past, the Camaro. Besides the Ford Mustang there were an entire host of lorries produced that at one time or another might have been thought about a muscle car. In addition to the Mustang, the Ford Fairlane 500 and Ford Torino did duty; the Mercury Montego was another model; Chevrolet produced the Camaro and Corvette; Pontiac the GTO, Firebird, and Tempest; Olds the 442; American Motors’ had its Javelin; Plymouth had the ‘Cuda, and Dodge produced the Challenger and the Charger. Today, just the Mustang and Corvette endures although the Dodge Charger has actually returned as a 4 door muscle car in addition to its brother or sister, the hot Dodge Magnum wagon. Interestedly, it took Ford’s renovating of the Mustang for the 2005 model year to stir the current muscle car age craze. Styled after Mustangs integrated in the 1960s, the current Mustang embraces a retro look while including contemporary innovation. The outcome has actually been that the Mustang currently offers its entire 150,000 model capacity without rewards. The Mustang has actually been inspiring DaimlerChrysler to go on with a retro cruiser of its own. The Dodge Challenger principle car, appearing at automobile programs across the USA, has actually been a big hit and Chrysler strategies on bringing the V8 hemi powered model back in 2009. In addition, General Motors is thinking about offering its true blessing on the Camaro, another car likewise making the rounds of the USA automobile show circuit. So, isn’t really it silly to restore such gas hogs? Back during the early 1970s, the then current crop of muscle vehicles balanced just 10-12 miles to the gallon around town and 15 or 16 miles per gallon on the highway. Thanks to computer system innovation and performance, even the Corvette returns an extremely respectable 28 miles to the gallon the highway. So, although fuel mileage will certainly be lower than many other designs, the brand-new group of muscle vehicles will still much better the previous generation vehicles with fuel mileage 80% or more above the vehicles from the 1970s. Fortunately, we still live in a fairly free nation and exactly what the consumer desires, the consumer gets. So, V8 powered muscle vehicles mated to 6 speed manu-matic transmissions, with sport handling, container seats, and much better fuel economy will likely interest many. No, they won’t be exact duplicates of yesterday’s muscle vehicles, however they will offer the nostalgia and power that motorists look for. I can’t wait!

Dodge Stratus Fuel Pump

2011 Dodge Grand Caravan Fuel Pump Bypass, Dodge Stratus Fuel Pump – Washington 20042 DC.

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