Dodge Stratus Head Gasket, North Buena Vista 52066 IA

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Dodge Stratus Head Gasket at San Jose 95191 CA.

Dodge Stratus Head Gasket This is the 280k kilometers korean made 1998 lanos i have which has a blown head gasket that is close to finished off. The engine is still decent it just feels like it’s not responding on throttle and burns a lot of gas,maybe it’s the gearbox’s long ratio.

I already have a replacement engine as this one doesn’t worth fixing/rebuilding,name one thing that is not rotten out on it!

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Dodge Stratus Head Gasket

98′ Daewoo Lanos 1.4 with Blown Head Gasket – Walk Around, Dodge Stratus Head Gasket in Saint Francisville 62460 IL.

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