Dodge Stratus Heater Problems at Saint Louis 63119 MO

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Dodge Stratus Heater Problems in Saint Louis 63119 MO.

Dodge Stratus Heater Problems 2001 PT Cruiser smelly dead animal stink from Air Conditioning vents. Well I I was smelling something dead in my car and I wanted to see what it actually was, at First I did see a dead mouse 4 days ago but couldn’t find it again. Now I looked with the bore scope and seen 4 maggots eating this dead mouse GROSS !

The new Magnum is a great looking automobile that will get your neighbors talking as you rumble around the block. The distinct styling of the Magnum will also bring in gawkers through 18-22 years of age guys pointing for their buddies to “examine that out”. And a couple of people will approach you as you are filling the gas tank to ask, “Does it truly have a Hemi?”, with just an unclear notion that it in some way makes the automobile much better. The Magnum is used with various engine sizes (either a 6-cylinder or 8-cylinder) with your option of horsepower output of 190, 250, 340 and 425. The price of the automobile also refers the engine size starting at $30,345 to the pricey STR-8 model for $37,320. A big part of the mystique around this automobile is the Hemi engine. The Hemi is brief for hemispherical combustion chamber, which creates more effective fuel burning and enables larger valves for much better airflow. Basically, it produces more power than an engine with its displacement would usually produce. (There are also downsides to the Hemi, which is why it isn’t the only engine that Chrysler produces). The interior of the automobile looks much more pricey than you ‘d expect for the price of the Magnum. Because Mercedes bought Chrysler, the Dodge vehicles I’ve sampled have had a sharp improvement in interior quality. While on the roadway, the automobile is extremely strong and the seats are comfy even on long highway runs. As much as I like the appearances, after driving it a while I truly have to question the design principle that the Magnum deals. It is a station wagon developed to transport a lot of people and a lot of stuff. But mating this with an effective engine with the taught racing-like suspension is unpleasant for both. It is like having a Corvette tow a small trailer, and you remain in the trailer and the Corvette motorist is 15 years-old, pressing the automobile to its limitations. (Only a real Corvette has a much more comfy suspension than the Magnum). Even driving on smooth roadways, the steering is extremely darty and difficult to manage. And with a large automobile, all that weaving and roadway feedback is overemphasized for the passengers and everything you’ve kept in the back. I like having a navigation system, however figuring out the best ways to utilize it with the steering wheel controls made me regularly describe the user’s handbook. In spite of the high horsepower and low-end torque I had fun with when starting from a full stop, the RT model I drove averaged 20 MPG on the higway. Exactly what I presume to be the target audience for this automobile, those 18-22 year-old guys that I mentioned, will most likely enjoy this automobile. And as much as I enjoy driving sports cars, the darty steering and sharp suspension make it too unpleasant with no magnificent payoff. The 0-60 sprint is fun for a little while, however I ‘d hand down buying a Magnum as a daily driving automobile.

Dodge Stratus Heater Problems

2001 PT Cruiser smelly dead animal stink from Air Conditioning vents, Dodge Stratus Heater Problems at Saint Louis 63119 MO.

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