Dodge Stratus Leaking Oil, Saint Helena 68774 NE

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Dodge Stratus Leaking Oil in Saint Helena 68774 NE.

Dodge Stratus Leaking Oil This problem is pretty common on PT Cruisers that have a small oil leak. It is commonly misdiagnosed as an oil pressure switch which is a common issue on these cars as well. It is easily corrected with a couple of inexpensive parts.

The PCV valve starts to get plugged up and doesn’t seal tight. It allow oil to blow by, and the hose gets old and it allows oil to drip out on the top of the valve cover and run down the engine and burn on the exhaust.

Mopar PCV Valve:
PCV Hose:

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Dodge Stratus Leaking Oil

Common Chrysler PT Cruiser Oil Leak with a Simple DIY Fix, Dodge Stratus Leaking Oil, Saint Helena 68774 NE.

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