Dodge Stratus Lower Ball Joint Replacement at San Jose 95102 CA

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Dodge Stratus Lower Ball Joint Replacement in San Jose 95102 CA.

Dodge Stratus Lower Ball Joint Replacement Applies to 2000-03 models built after November 1999

Rating: Acceptable

A 2000 Nissan Maxima was crash tested on April 26, 2000 into a fixed deformable barrier at
39.6 mi/h (63.7 km/h) and a 41 percent overlap on the driver side. A Hybrid III 50th percentile
male dummy was positioned in the driver seat with the lap/shoulder belt fastened.

All 2000 and later Maxima and I30/I35 models manufactured after November 1999 include structural
and airbag modifications to improve occupant protection in frontal crashes (note: information about
when a specific vehicle was manufactured is on the certification label typically affixed to the car
on or near the driver door).

IIHS has evaluated the crashworthiness of a Maxima with the structural and airbag modifications in a
40 mph frontal offset crash test into a deformable barrier.

Measures of intrusion taken after the crash indicated the lower instrument panel in front of the
dummy moved rearward 6-8 cm. Resultant intrusion in the driver footwell measured 15 cm at
the footrest and 21-26 cm at other places on the toepan. All doors remained closed during the
crash. After the crash, the driver door and left rear door required additional effort but no tools to
open, and the right front and right rear doors opened with ease.

The driver dummy was restrained by a three-point lap/shoulder belt and an airbag. During the
crash, the belt crash tensioner activated but did not retract any of the shoulder belt webbing. A
total amount of 4 cm of webbing spooled off the retractor, including about 1 cm from the forcelimiting
mechanism. The airbag contacted the dummy’s face during deployment. During
rebound from the airbag, the dummy’s head moved downward and outward somewhat and then
moved upward and contacted the roof side rail and head restraint. The side airbag also deployed
during the crash, but the dummy did not contact it. After the crash, the upper end of the steering
column had moved upward 9 cm and rearward 8 cm.

The peak resultant head acceleration from the roof rail contact was 16 g. The maximum left
lower tibia A-P moment was 263 Nm, significantly contributing to the left lower tibia index of
1.22. The maximum right lower tibia L-M moment was –218 Nm, significantly contributing to
the right lower tibia index of 1.21. The maximum right upper tibia index was 0.87, and the
maximum right tibia axial force was –7.1 kN.

HIC – Head Injury Criterion

HIC (Driver): 466

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Dodge Stratus Lower Ball Joint Replacement

2000 Nissan Maxima Moderate Overlap Crash Test [IIHS], Dodge Stratus Lower Ball Joint Replacement at San Jose 95102 CA.

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