Dodge Stratus Oil Type at North Hills 91393 CA

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Dodge Stratus Oil Type in North Hills 91393 CA.

Dodge Stratus Oil Type There has been a discovery of monumental proportions in the field of gasoline engine sciences, and it’s nothing more than a little Groove. A small groove of less than 5/16” is giving tremendous increases in power, performance and fuel economy for gasoline engines of every year, and of every duty type.

Using a new principle called “Wave-Form Technology” developed by “Gadgetman” Ron Hatton in 2009, we are finding increases that border on the mythical. Reports continue to come in from all over the country and the world of improvements in fuel economy of 20, 40, 75 and even more than double.

As The Gadgetman Groove simply increases the amount of fuel that burns at the point of ignition, noxious gases are allowed to generate power to drive the piston. Emissions disappear, throttle response becomes unbelievably snappy, temperature management is eased and even engine oil is positively affected.

More than 10,000 sites and thousands of videos all say the same thing. “OMG! This WORKS!”

While Google likes to suggest that The Gadgetman Groove is a “Hoax”, “Fraud” or “Scam” there are absolutely ZERO reports of it being anything of the kind. In fact, Gadgetman’s customer satisfaction rating is an amazing 99.996%!

We encourage you to look deeply into Mr. Hatton’s discovery. You will soon find yourself captivated by the simplicity of the technology, the sheer volume of positive reports, and Ron’s genuine and caring nature.

Go to and see for yourself! You’ll be glad you did!

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Dodge Stratus Oil Type

Giving 26 More MPGs to a 1997 Stratus with a little groove!, Dodge Stratus Oil Type at North Hills 91393 CA.

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