Dodge Stratus Power Wheels – Port Republic 8241 NJ

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Dodge Stratus Power Wheels at Port Republic 8241 NJ.

Dodge Stratus Power Wheels Commercials aired during Martha Stewart’s Christmas Dream and One Special Night.
-That’s Life promo during Martha Stewart’s Christmas Dream end credits
-Dodge Stratus (R.I.P. Edward Herrmann)
-Boston Market
-Hometeam 19 News at 11 topical with Jack Marschall and Denise Dufala
-CBS Wednesday Movie opening: One Special Night
-Sponsored by…
-Pillsbury Holiday Cookies
-Pillsbury Crescents
-Green Giant
-Fannie Mae Foundation
-Post Cinna-Cluster Raisin Bran
-Cool Whip Squeeze
-The Runaway promo
-Maxwell House
-Power Wheels
-Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
-Alka-Seltzer Heartburn Relief
-Terry’s Chocolate Orange
-Frasier promo
-Hometeam 19 News at 11 promo
-Value City Department Stores
-Late Show with David Letterman promo (Kathie Lee Gifford)
-Sponsored by…
-Another JCPenney ad
-Burger King (Rugrats)
-Yet another JCPenney ad
-Walker Texas Ranger and The District promos
-Another Value City Department Stores ad
-Ford F-150 (Sammy Kershaw)
-Sprint PCS
-Big Lots (R.I.P. Jerry Van Dyke)
-Hometeam 19 News at 11 weather topical with Bruce Kalinowski
-Sponsored by…
-Cool Whip Squeeze (again)
-Mail Boxes Etc.
-A fourth JCPenney ad (I had the Tekno robot dog shown)
-Another Burger King ad
-Purina Dog Chow
-Saran Quick Covers
-Pillsbury Hungry Jack Biscuits
-48 Hours promo
-JCPenney (again)
-Disney Charades
-JCPenney (again)
-Dirt Devil
-Another Maxwell House ad
-Pillsbury Holiday Cookies (again)
-Yet another JCPenney ad
-Another Late Show with David Letterman promo
-The Runaway promo (again)
-Hometeam 19 News at 11 promo (again)
-Value City Furniture
-Giant Eagle
-Hometeam 19/43 News Dual Doppler XL weather promo (Bruce Kalinowski)
-Another 48 Hours promo
-Post Cinna-Cluster Raisin Bran (again)
-Burger King (again)
-Pillsbury Hungry Jack Biscuits (again)
-Terry’s Chocolate Raspberry
-Diagnosis Murder promo
-The Fugitive, CSI, and Nash Bridges promos
-Another Lowe’s ad
-Sears Dental
-Another Hometeam 19 News at 11 topical with Jack Marschall and Denise Dufala
-Hometeam 19 News at 11 tease
-JCPenney (yet again)
-The Odd Couple II promo

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Dodge Stratus Power Wheels

12-6-2000 CBS Commercials (WOIO Cleveland), Dodge Stratus Power Wheels – Port Republic 8241 NJ.

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