Dodge Stratus Quirks – San Mateo 94497 CA

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Dodge Stratus Quirks in San Mateo 94497 CA.

Dodge Stratus Quirks CAR:
2006 Dodge Stratus SXT 2.4L 4cyl

-No, I have no idea what exactly caused my car to go up in flames. It’s always had its problems and quirks but nothing on this scale.
-I am not happy or laughing in the video, even though it (honestly) sounds like I’m happy/laughing when I say “my car is on fire,” I was just extremely nervous and shocked. I was in the car when it first caught on fire. I was ‘that’ close.
-No stereo equipment was installed at the time. I had removed everything a month earlier in preparation of selling the car. Irony…?

My guess is it had some sort of short or spark. The battery and related accessories are setup in the most overly complicated and nonsensical way possible. I had the AC off driving it earlier in the day and thought I saw when I turned it on at one point so I then turned it right off. Having to travel a distance on the highway in the Stratus, I decided to stop and check it just to make sure. Everything was ok; It smelled like something had burned and the battery cable looked a little charred but nothing major. I got back in and was ready to leave when I remembered about the AC. I turned it on and WHOOSH: it caught on fire! I immediately turned it off and ran to the nearby store (Dillards) to get a fire extinguisher, but they didn’t have one. I had to wait about 10mins for the fire truck I called right after. At one point, the car started cranking and it scared the shit outta me; I thought “It’s gonna blow!!” So when I said “Whew! That could’ve been bad!” I meant “That could’ve been worse,” thinking at least it didn’t blow up…right?)
I was just glad and thankful that all I lost was my car and not my life.

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Dodge Stratus Quirks

Dodge Stratus on FIRE!!!!, Dodge Stratus Quirks – San Mateo 94497 CA.

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