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Dodge Stratus Starter in Washington 20090 DC.

Dodge Stratus Starter Just make SURE you have the old starter tested before u replace it, AND make SURE you’ve got 12volts going to the small wire on the starter when u turn the key to the “start” position.

There’s only 2 wires that go to this starter on this 2.4L 4cyl: 1 Big cable & 1 small wire. The small wire is truly Tiny, so make sure its not damaged & be careful to Not damage it in the process. You MUST pinch the small connector on the top side to get it to unplug. Another good reason to use some electrical grease on connections.

Wire brush the connections til you see some shine, then use an old toothbrush to apply it & dedicate that brush to that specific grease b/c sometimes it doesn’t take much & all u have to do is grab the saturated brush, give it a wipe-swipe er 2 & Viola ! Yer ‘guuud’ to go…

Like I mentioned in the video, if u want to make this job much, Much, MUCH easier:

take the bottom bolt out, find out what mm metric size it is. Its about the metric equivalent of a 3/8, so about a 9.5mm or 10mm or so. Its a course pitch so a 1.5 or maybe even more course than that. And Replace it w/ a stud & nut b/c that bottom bolt is by far the Hardest part of this job. You really can’t see it, so you have to FEEL it. I highly, Highly, HIGHLY recommend a stud & nut, just buy a long mm bolt or threaded rod & cut it to length w/ a hack saw & debur. About 3” inches long will probably do it, but measure x2 & cut x1.

Initially I didn’t know it was the starter:

The re-conditioned/re-manufactured “Car Quest” starter I got at Advanced Auto was $138 total w/ the core return. Most parts stores will NOT let u return a part if its been misdiagnosed. I’m sure it happens all the time.

This starter slowly & gradually wore out, probably b/c we don’t drive it very often, don’t put many miles on it at all. But it only stranded me just 1 time, my dad rescued me w/ a hammer & piece of scrap pipe; whacked the starter while my dad turned the key & it fired up.

Hope this helps somebody, have a good day.

take care,

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Dodge Stratus Starter

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