Dodge Stratus Transmission Fluid in Washington 20557 DC

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Dodge Stratus Transmission Fluid at Washington 20557 DC.

Dodge Stratus Transmission Fluid 1999 Chrysler Sebring, Transmission Oil Change and ‘Flush’.
When I change the automatic transmission fluid, I change the transmission fluid in the pan twice. You can’t drain the transmission fluid in the torque converter and oil cooler, so the next best thing is to change the oil in the transmission pan, then start the car and let it run several minutes and then change the transmission oil in the pan again. This way you will flush out a lot more transmission fluid that was in the torque converter and oil cooler. This method doesn’t flush out all the old transmission fluid, but it’s a lot safer than doing a standard ‘transmission flush’ with special equipment that could potentially dislodge trapped dirt and cause transmission problems. I also don’t like using the provided gasket on the transmission pan. Instead I use a very high quality RTV gasket maker and make sure the gasket surface in chemically clean before using the RTV gasket maker. In this way you are assured there will be no leaks at the transmission pan.
automatic transmission maintenance

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Dodge Stratus Transmission Fluid

1999 Chrysler Sebring, Transmission Oil Change and ‘Flush’, Dodge Stratus Transmission Fluid in Washington 20557 DC.

New Dodge Stratus Transmission Fluid From Washington 20557 DC, Latest Videos For Dodge Stratus Jump Start or Dodge Stratus Transmission Fluid, Share Website.

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