2018 Durango R/T: Magnaflow Exhaust vs. Stock Exhaust! Albuquerque New Mexico 2018

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2018 Durango R/T: Magnaflow Exhaust vs. Stock Exhaust! McAllen Texas 2018

Dodge Durango Aftermarket Parts

Side by side comparison of Magnaflow exhaust vs. stock exhaust on Hemi Durangos!

Usually, most of the most effective options plans are hidden behind a lot more costly trims with larger, thirstier engines. Dodge is democratizing its plans a bit with the new Durango GT Rallye Appearance Bundle.

The Dodge Durango GT Rallye Appearance Bundle includes sportier aims to the GT trim, which, while not the base trim, still depends on Dodge’s V6 engine. Not just is the V6 a lot more effective, its price is considerably more available.

The package includes an efficiency hood, front fascia and LED fog lights, which are obtained from the V8-powered R/T and SRT designs. The package will set you back $1,495, and it can be had in one of seven colors: DB Black, Granite, In-Violet, Octane Red, Redline Red, Vice White and White Knuckle.

The Durango GT is available in both rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive versions, with a beginning price of $37,895. Its V6 produces 295 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. Regardless of the smaller engine, it can still tow a lot– 6,200 pounds, to be exact. Common devices includes leather-trimmed seats, 2 rows of warmed seats, a power liftgate and 20-inch black alloy wheels.

The Durango GT Rallye Appearance Bundle is available for getting now, and Dodge kept in mind that it’s just available for a limited time, however it didn’t specify how long it’ll be available

Dodge Durango Aftermarket Parts

2018 Durango R/T: Magnaflow Exhaust vs. Stock Exhaust!, Dodge Durango Aftermarket Parts Cincinnati Ohio.

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