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Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat 2019 Port St. Lucie Florida 2021

Dodge Durango Srt For Sale

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As the team at Motor Fad discovered when it added one to its long-lasting fleet, the Dodge Durango GT is a roomy, versatile SUV that’s likewise sportier compared to you might expect. That claimed, with a 295-hp V-6 under the hood, it’s no place near as powerful as the Durango SRT 392 Yet with the new Rallye Appearance Bundle, you could at least provide the Durango GT an SRT-inspired appearance.

Reported today, the Rallye Appearance Bundle uses a more hostile front end, a sportier hood, as well as LED foglamps. It may not be necessary, however Dodge says the hood inside story as well as vents are in fact useful. If you tow a lot, it most likely can’t injure.

For comparison, the front end of a Dodge Durango SRT 392.
” Much of our customers love the efficiency appearance of the Durango R/T as well as Durango SRT, however are happy with the award-winning Pentastar V-6 engine’s 295 horse power as well as the outstanding gas efficiency it supplies,” claimed Steve Beahm, FCA’s North American head of automobile, in a release. “This new Durango GT Rallye Appearance Bundle provides those three-row SUV customers the very best of both globes.”

The Rallye bundle is available to order currently for $1,495 as well as can be found in seven various colors. Taking Into Consideration the Durango GT begins at $38,990 including destination, that brings the base cost of a Rallye-equipped Durango to $40,485.

Dodge Durango Srt For Sale

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