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Dodge Durango Replacement Parts

This video describes what I did to ‘fix’ my 2004 Dodge Durango’s Steering Wheel Tilt Adjuster.

This video may also apply to ’04 -’10 Dodge Ram 1500, Ram Dakota, Jeep, and Chrysler Aspen.

Fiat Chrysler (FCA) no longer offers repair parts for the tilt steering column.
This video shows the location of the broken tilt column actuator Only.

The video is silent.

This video records a number of interior LandMarks so you can find Your own broken parts easily.

*Warning: This repair requires the use of Cyanoacrylate adhesive (Krazy Glue).
This ‘fix’ is permanent … (or until the cable breaks).

If you attempt this repair, wear suitable eye protection, gloves, and old clothing.
This repair should not be attempted by Anyone.

I removed the steering column shroud by removing the three T-10 torx screws. Two screws from the bottom and one screw from under tilt lever. I also removed the lower ‘knee’ panel by removing two screws. (If you do not have ‘torx bit’ drivers.. use the appropriate size ‘allen’ hex key.)

I then removed the rubber tilt lever handle by pointing it downward and pulling.

I cleaned both plastic piece splines (“white retainer” and “black adjuster”) with alcohol and a Q-tip to remove the factory grease and to provide clean surfaces for My repair.
* Extremely Important to CLEAN thoroughly. Basically, you can never be too clean.
Normally, plastic and alcohol are a no-no. But in this case, Clean Extensively…
Any amount of grease remaining on these two parts could jeopardize the whole procedure.

I then applied ‘krazy glue’ (Cyanoacrylate adhesive) to the splined area of the black adjuster.

I then pressed the black plastic adjuster to the white plastic retainer and engaged both splined surfaces with a click.

I left the parts cure for a period of 24 hours.*
I would recommend walking thru these steps a Few times [without glue]
(dry fit) so as to familiarize yourself with this procedure.
* Also, the 24 hour ‘cure’ time for the glue is Extremely Important !
Allow the glue to dry completely before operating the Tilt Lever.
The Tilt Lever and the Steering Column are both Spring Loaded.
There is an appreciable amount of force acting on both the
Lever and Steering Column. If the glue is not allowed to dry
completely (24 hours) then premature operation of the tilt lever
may cause the adjuster to slip off the retainer and the two parts
may not be salvageable enough for another fix attempt.

If you watch the video and do the exact same things I did (with glue),
your steering wheel tilt adjuster should be back to normal.
[And possibly save you $50-$200 dollars for a salvage yard steering column
or $1,700 dollars for a new steering column (to fix a $2 part) or to just ‘do without’.
The cost for this repair… 5 cents worth of glue, your time, and your smarts.

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If not, press dislike.

Link: How to remove Tilt Adjuster handle.


Dodge Ram TSB:

Dodge Ram TSB’s:

As the group at Motor Trend found when it included one to its long-term fleet, the Dodge Durango GT is a spacious, flexible SUV that’s additionally sportier than you may expect. That claimed, with a 295-hp V-6 under the hood, it’s nowhere near as powerful as the Durango SRT 392 Yet with the new Rallye Appearance Bundle, you can at least give the Durango GT an SRT-inspired look.

Revealed today, the Rallye Appearance Bundle offers a more aggressive front end, a sportier hood, and also LED foglamps. It could not be essential, however Dodge says the hood scoop and also vents are actually practical. If you tow a great deal, it probably cannot hurt.

For comparison, the front end of a Dodge Durango SRT 392.
” A lot of our clients like the performance look of the Durango R/T and also Durango SRT, however enjoy with the prize-winning Pentastar V-6 engine’s 295 horse power and also the excellent fuel effectiveness it provides,” claimed Steve Beahm, FCA’s North American head of auto, in a launch. “This new Durango GT Rallye Appearance Bundle provides those three-row SUV purchasers the best of both globes.”

The Rallye bundle is offered to order now for $1,495 and also be available in seven different shades. Taking Into Consideration the Durango GT begins at $38,990 consisting of location, that brings the base cost of a Rallye-equipped Durango to $40,485.

Dodge Durango Replacement Parts

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