EZ Connector Magnetic 7-Way Trailer Connectors Installation – 2005 Dodge Ram Pickup – Dayton Ohio 2018

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EZ Connector Magnetic 7-Way Trailer Connectors Installation – 2005 Dodge Ram Pickup – Madison Wisconsin 2018

2005 Dodge Durango Parts

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Full transcript:
Speaker 1: Today on our 2005 Dodge RAM 3500, we’re going to be doing an installation of the EZ connector magnetic T connector with seven way trailer connector. Part number 319-R7-06D.Upgrade your RAM to work with the magnetic EZ connector seven ways. This is going to allow you to have a standard seven way connection on a trailer that has a magnetic EZ connector. It’s a face to face connection. There are no pins, or blades to break or bend. The magnetic connection is strong enough to hold it in place, but it’s easy to disconnect when needed.It’s going to allow you to maintain the factory seven way connection on your RAM, so you can still tow trailers with standard seven way connectors.

When not in use, the double O rings dummy plug is going to prevent moisture, dirt, and debris from getting inside.To begin our installation, we’ll need to start with the EZ connector mounting bracket. We need to locate a good spot underneath around where our hitch receiver is to mount it. As you can see, there’s not really a good spot to mount it and I don’t want to drill into my bumper. That’s no problem. I’m going to use the short no drill mounting bracket, part number 18140.

It’s going to allow us to mount our EZ connector without having to drill into our RAM.So what I’m going to do now is some pre-assembly. I’m going to take my EZ connector mounting bracket and I’m going to take my short bracket and I’m going to line up between my two holes and then mark it out. And then I’m going to drill them out.Once that’s drilled out, we’ll take that short bracket. We’ll line up the holes. Then we’ll take the hardware that came with our short bracket.

Put that through, follow it up with a nut on the other side. Then I’m going to tighten that down.Now to get it to fit with our hitch we’re going to give the short bracket a slight bend. Os I’ve got it in my vice here. I’m going to start getting it where I want. I’d say that’s pretty good.

Let’s check it out. Now back at our RAM, we can attach it to our hitch right there with the included clamp. So we’re going to feed it up through the opening of the short bracket up over our hitch. Once I get it halfway started, I can then tighten it down with a 5/16 socket or wrench or you can even use a flat blade screwdriver.With our bracket mounted, we can now bring in our wiring and feed it through our mount. Now we’ll take our included hardware and mount our wiring. Cool, now underneath we’ll need to disconnect our factory wiring. It’s going to be located right here. Now on top, there’s going to be a red tab. We need to push that out and then locate the tab here at the rear. What we want to do is, we want to push down so squeeze and then pull outward. Now if it seems like it’s kind of locked in, it can definitely help to push towards the connection and then out. That can help free it up. Also shaking it back and forth can help as well.Since this is connected, I can now show you the top. So here’s the red tab, you pull it out slightly. Then you push down on the black tab and then pull outward and you should have it.Now we’re ready to bring in our connections. When making electric connections, it can be helpful to use dielectric grease. This can prevent moisture from getting inside your connections, keeping out rust and corrosion. You can pick some up here at with part number 11755.Now let’s make our connections. So we’ll take our factory connection that we disconnected. We want to make sure that the red tab is pulled outward. Then we’ll take our EZ connector, push it all the way in. Once we make sure that it’s all the way in, we can go ahead and replace our red tab. Then we call pull outward to make sure it’s connected. I’d say we’re good.The other end is going to connect to our factory seven way. We’ll need to make sure that the red tab here is pulled out. If you happen to pull it out all the way, no big deal. Just lightly push it back in place to where it’s in that position there. Then we’ll feed it up over and into our connection. Push it all the way in place and then push in your red tab. Now it’s important to check your connection here and make sure it’s connected.Now we’ll just clean up our excess wiring and I’m going to zip tie it to my hitch to keep it all together. Now we’re here at our trailer with our EZ connector magnetic end on it. Let’s go ahead and try it o

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2005 Dodge Durango Parts

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