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install trailer hitch 2018 dodge durango 75713 – Syracuse New York 2018

Dodge Durango


Draw-Tite Max-Frame Hitch – Class III – 2″ by Draw-Tite (Trailer Hitch)

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Full transcript:
Speaker 1: Today on this 2018 Dodge Durango, we’ll be having a look at and showing you how to install the Draw-Tite Class Three Trailer Hitch Receiver, part number: 75713.Here’s what our hitch looks like installed. This hitch features a nice angular design, which helps conceal underneath our vehicle and it’s also tucked up nice and tight against our fascia. This hitch does have a unique feature that other hitches don’t offer, and that’s this attachment point right here, off to the driver’s side, which you can attach any of your wire harnesses to, such as your seven-way round, your four pole flat or any other wiring harness that you may need.On the side of our receiver, you’ll find our industry standard five-eighth of an inch diameter hitch pinhole to secure any of our hitch-mounted accessories. You can pickup a pin and clip on our website as part number: PC3.This hole here, closest to the rear, that’s a rear-pin stabilization device. What that does is take away the annoying shake, play and rattle of what is inserted in your receiver. Bolted onto the bottom of our receiver and the frame of our hitch is our plate-style safety chain loops.

We used to have a really large opening, so even if we’re using a large safety chain hook, like this one, we won’t have a problem hooking onto it at all.This hitch features a 900 pound max tongue weight rating, which is the amount forcing down; and a 6,000 pound max gross trailer weight rating, which is the amount it can pull. It does support the use of weight distribution, and when using that on your trailer, your tongue weight rating stays the same but your max trailer weight rating increases to 7,500 pounds. You will want to consult with the owner’s manual of your Durango and not exceed what the vehicle’s rated for.Now, one thing many of our customers like about this hitch is that the receiver has plenty of clearance around it, making this a great hitch to use with their bike racks and their cargo carriers.Now for a few measurements to better assist you in choosing any hitch-mounted accessory you may need, such as a ball-mount, bike rack, or a cargo carrier. You’re looking at about 14-and-a-half inches from the ground to the top of the two-inch receiver opening and about three inches from the center of the hitch pinhole to the rear most part of the back bumper. Now that we’ve gone over some features, we’ll show you how to get it installed.To begin our install, we’ll open our rear hatch.

Now, we’ll open our rear cargo cover here, fold it forward, remove this mat underneath, pull up on this cover here to gain access to our mechanism to lower the spare tire. You will need your spare tire tools in order to lower your spare tire, and they’re located inside this compartment here.Lift up on the tire. In order to remove this white piece, you’ll need to use a screwdriver to help pry it away from the spare tire hanger itself. Once you have it pried away, you can slide the hanger through the white piece, safely removing the white piece. You can slide this part through the center of the wheel and get our spare tire out.Now, we find ourselves underneath the vehicle.

We’ll point out where our installation hardware is located. We have two 21 millimeter factory bolts. We’ll remove these bolts. It’s the same on both sides. We’re looking at the driver’s side right now.

You may need to pull down your wiring harness a little bit, so you have room for your socket to get on the bolt.Now that I’ve a set 00:03:33 of hands, we’ll raise our hitch into position. Then we’ll secure it in place with the factory hardware that we removed. Now, we’ll tighten down our hardware.Now, we’ll torque all of our bolts to the amount specified in the instructions. Now, we can reinstall our spare tire.That completes our look at and installation of the Draw-Tite Class Three Trailer Hitch Receiver,

As the team at Motor Pattern found when it added one to its lasting fleet, the Dodge Durango GT is a roomy, versatile SUV that’s additionally sportier compared to you might expect. That stated, with a 295-hp V-6 under the hood, it’s nowhere near as powerful as the Durango SRT 392 But with the brand-new Rallye Appearance Plan, you could a minimum of provide the Durango GT an SRT-inspired appearance.

Revealed today, the Rallye Appearance Plan supplies a more aggressive front end, a sportier hood, and also LED foglamps. It may not be needed, yet Dodge claims the hood scoop and also vents are in fact practical. If you tow a lot, it most likely cannot harm.

For comparison, the front end of a Dodge Durango SRT 392.
” Much of our consumers like the performance appearance of the Durango R/T and also Durango SRT, yet more than happy with the award-winning Pentastar V-6 engine’s 295 horsepower and also the superb fuel performance it delivers,” stated Steve Beahm, FCA’s North American head of auto, in a release. “This brand-new Durango GT Rallye Appearance Plan offers those three-row SUV buyers the very best of both globes.”

The Rallye plan is offered to get now for $1,495 and also come in seven various colors. Considering the Durango GT begins at $38,990 consisting of location, that brings the base cost of a Rallye-equipped Durango to $40,485.

Dodge Durango

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