Living With A 475HP Dodge Durango SRT!!! Hayward California 2018

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Living With A 475HP Dodge Durango SRT!!! Indianapolis Indiana 2021

Dodge Durango Srt For Sale

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The Dodge Durango SRT shows the world that not every family has to own a minivan. It will seat all your kids (while they watch some animated movie) while offering a angry Hemi V8 with nearly 500hp. 0-60 happens faster than your kids can spill their Cheerios, and the aggressive styling makes other domesticated drivers get out of the way. This SUV comes with LAUNCH CONTROL, and it is hilariously fun to use! Check out this vlog where I spent a week living with the Durango SRT!


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As the team at Electric motor Fad found when it included one to its long-term fleet, the Dodge Durango GT is a large, functional SUV that’s also sportier compared to you could expect. That said, with a 295-hp V-6 under the hood, it’s nowhere near as effective as the Durango SRT 392 However with the new Rallye Look Package, you could a minimum of give the Durango GT an SRT-inspired look.

Reported today, the Rallye Look Bundle provides a much more hostile front end, a sportier hood, and LED foglamps. It could not be needed, but Dodge claims the hood inside story and vents are really practical. If you tow a whole lot, it most likely cannot injure.

For contrast, the front end of a Dodge Durango SRT 392.
” Many of our customers enjoy the efficiency appearance of the Durango R/T and also Durango SRT, however are happy with the acclaimed Pentastar V-6 engine’s 295 horsepower as well as the outstanding fuel effectiveness it provides,” stated Steve Beahm, FCA’s North American head of passenger cars, in a launch. “This brand-new Durango GT Rallye Look Package provides those three-row SUV customers the most effective of both worlds.”

The Rallye plan is readily available to get currently for $1,495 as well as be available in 7 various colors. Considering the Durango GT begins at $38,990 consisting of destination, that brings the base price of a Rallye-equipped Durango to $40,485.

Dodge Durango Srt For Sale

Living With A 475HP Dodge Durango SRT!!!, Dodge Durango Srt For Sale Seattle Washington.

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