2017 Ram Rebel Unboxing Review at 4479 Sangerville ME

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Latest Dodge RAM – 2017 Ram Rebel Unboxing Review – 2152 Winthrop MA 2021.

For today’s unboxing review we bring you the 2017 Ram Rebel, the off-road enthusiast’s choice if they want a Ram truck. But wait, isn’t there already a hardcore off-road pickup truck on the market? And isn’t it called the Ford F-150 Raptor? Yes to both questions. We’re just going to come out and say it: the Raptor is the better choice if you intend to tackle the Baja 1000, or any other extreme sand dunes. It’s not that the Ram Rebel is a bad or disappointing off-roader, it’s just that there’s something newer and better out there from its cross-town rival. But there’s still a lot to like about the Rebel, starting with its optional (and highly recommended) 5.7-liter Hemi V8 with 395 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque, with power going to all four wheels through an eight-speed automatic.

The base engine is the familiar 3.6-liter V6 with 305 hp, but the Hemi is only a $1,250 option. It’s a no-brainer. Ram equipped the Rebel with several off-road features, such as a transfer case skid plate and a front suspension skid plate. Also worth noting is the fact that you can only get the Rebel in one body style configuration and bed size: Crew Cab with the five-foot-seven-inch bed. Pricing? Well, it does start at a reasonable $45,095, but extras add up, pushing the price directly in Raptor territory. Enjoy the review!

Introduction: 0:15
Engine start up: 1:20
Engine and transmission: 1:40
Exterior: 2:10
Optional features: 3:15
Towing: 3:55
Base engine: 4:40
Performance and fuel economy: 5:05
Interior: 5:30
Seat pattern: 6:00
From the driver’s seat: 7:00
Infotainment system: 7:50
Other features: 8:30
Air suspension: 9:00
Interior storage: 9:15
Front end styling: 10:55
Safety: 11:30
How does it drive?: 11:50
Competition: 12:05
Pricing: 12:40
What do I like: 13:50
Don’t like: 14:00
Conclusion: 14:20

Special thanks to DGDG in San Jose, California for letting us shoot the car.

Vehicles in this review were provided by DGDG, the family owned automotive group in Northern California. All opinions in these reviews are that of CarBuzz, not that of DGDG.

2017 Ram Rebel Unboxing Review Dodge Ram Rebel 2017

Summer 2019 2017 Ram Rebel Unboxing Review From 95062 Santa Cruz CA.

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